Near-term income generation, long-term value creation

Providing income replacement & passive investment for busy professionals.

What's The Difference Between Investing in a Property vs. Real Estate Fund?


  • 100% investment

  • 100% ownership

  • 100% of the responsibilities

  • 100% of the $$$

  • Limited by Credit

  • Limited Property value


  • Diversified investment

  • Own a small amount of a multi-million-dollar real estate portfolio

  • Leverage a much greater property value

  • No active responsibilities

Is Passive Real Estate Investing Right For You?

You Want To:

  1. Reach your Financial Goals Faster!

  2. Access to Greater Opportunities with Higher Purchasing Power!

  3. Break Free From Trading Your Time For Dollars!

You Don't Want To:

4. Spend the Time You Have on Tenants & Toilets...

5. Wait Years to Gain Knowledge, Experience, & Real Estate Skills...

6. Have all the Responsibility on Your Shoulders...

7. Think real estate investing would be great, but then never get started...

Why Should You Invest in a Real Estate Fund?

  • Passive investment without all the work

  • Leverage purchase power that wouldn't be possible alone

  • Diversified investment

  • Multiple properties producing cash flow

  • Gain a competitive advantage by having funds needed to close

Plan. Execute. Realize Potential.

We buy real estate through all points of the market cycle, as both good and bad environments create different types of opportunity. We target opportunities that contain upside potential to increase value.

Create value with a proactive approach.

A typical MPC Capital deal has an active strategy to grow revenue through property improvements, expense reductions, and occupancy improvement. While others wait for asset appreciation to do their job, MPC Capital proactively works to increase both the cash flow and value of the properties we acquire.

Advantages of investing

in private real estate.

  • Greater returns

  • More Stability

  • Less Risk

Mitigate risk with diversification

Private real estate funds managed by MPC Capital provide real diversification.

Would You Like to Diversify & Give Your Retirement Account a Boost?

Diversifying your investments reduces the overall risk of your investment portfolio.

Personal Service with:

  • Greater Stability & Income

  • Less Risk

  • Proactive Communication

  • Increased Occupancy

  • Professional Management


  • We provide investors with superior risk-adjusted returns through investments in value-add residential real estate.

  • MPC invests in multifamily residential and mixed-use properties using local management and operations with established successful track records of acquisition, renovation, management and disposition of distressed real estate assets.

  • These investment opportunities should, after a renovation period of 6 to 24 months, produce stable cash flows and be well-positioned for long-term capital gains. Of course, no offerings are implied without the prospectus.


  • MPC Capital’s target hold period for a project is 7-10 years.

  • Rehab construction budgets vary from $5,000 to $15,000+ per apartment.

  • We look for investment opportunities with a minimum return multiple of 2X of our equity investment from property cash flows and dispositions.


  • We aim to perform renovations on every property that add “Maintenance Preventer's- resulting in greater cashflow. It’s our goal to install a new 30 year architectural shingle Roof, New HVAC, New water heater, New hard surface floors, etc.

  • We purchase our materials in bulk at discounted prices. This allows us to use higher quality materials in your home.

  • Instead of adding carpets to the bedrooms, we add plank flooring which can last multiple tenant turnovers.

  • We stand by the quality of our craftsmanship by offering a 3-year construction warranty on renovation work completed.


  • Our property manager will place qualified tenants.

  • We will keep expenses low by utilizing maintenance and material discounts.

  • We have had incredible success collecting rents and our leasing demand has increased during COVID-19.

  • Communication is extremely important to us which is why we provide detailed information and quarterly reports to every investor.


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The Investment Process:

MPC's investment strategy is to bring investors together to produce passive income and create generational wealth through real estate.